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The PediClipper is a successor to the famous Antioch Clipper® which was originally developed by a chiropractor from Rhode Island to help his mother, who for years had suffered from arthritis and back problems, to clip her own toenails. He experimented for several years to make the design and operation of this innovative assistive device effective yet easy to use. The design that he eventually perfected was so unique and effective that it was granted United States Patent #6,539,632 in April, 2003.

Once the patent was granted, sales of the Antioch Clipper® began in earnest. He began manufacturing them and started selling them through his chiropractic practice at the Holistic Center of Antioch in Warwick, Rhode Island. The device proved an immediate success with customers and soon a worldwide distribution channel composed of a network of Internet online stores and stocking dealers was in place.

After manufacturing and selling many thousands of Antioch Clipper, he retired in 2009 and the device pretty much disappeared from the market. However, the continued aging of the U.S. population plus the accelerated growth of diabetes and other mobility impairments resulted in a similar steady growth in the demand for better foot care and for an effective long handled toenail clipper - the Antioch Clipper® was still very much needed! In 2010 the developer negotiated a license agreement whereby the Antioch Clipper® would be brought back to the market, now manufactured and distributed exclusively by Intelligent Technologies, Inc. ("ITI"), a leading developer of niche market web stores.

In late 2016 the Korean manufacturing partner who had manufactured thousands of Antioch Clippers®  for over 10 years had a business reorganization and discontinued manufacturing. After months of looking for another suitable partner ITI decided to re-design the product and bring the manufacturing back to the USA. After partnering with Practical Specialties, LLC, the result, is the PediClipper, a simpler design (patent pending) which still provides maximum effectiveness in long handled toenail clipping. 

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